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Trying something new. Thought it was about time for me to add a post. I’ve been writing a novel since late December. Most of my writing time has been dedicated to that effort. Writing a book has been rewarding and challenging too.

The book is a history of fiction. I would say it is a political satyr that has a strong Buddhist angle. For those who love the Republican Party in the U.S.A. they would call it a book of fiction and conspiracy. But then, since they love conspiracy and think truth is a curse, they would call my book a very realistic account of their supreme leader. For the rest of us who enjoy truth and fact, and who believe truth, honesty, and integrity are the highest of human achievement, we would see the book as a somewhat alarming science fiction leaning on science fact.

Meanwhile, I’ve found the most challenge to write the conversational exchanges between the characters. Writing a blog page, such as this, is easier since there is only a one way exchange. In the book I had two way conversation for the most part and a few times there were multiple exchanges.

Since I’m a coder, and since the book includes a lot of future technology I used some special annotations for something new. For example the main character has a Neuralink implant that allows him to use thought to activate the implant. To communicate these thoughts used a double dash, — . Anytime the reader sees the — on the page it signals that the text between — are thoughts to the Neuralink. –Connect to nearby tablet.–

Today, the book is complete from start to finish and I’ve got all the chapters in the right sequence. The editing is taking a little longer than I thought. It’s taking longer because I wrote the first three chapters in first party as the main character. Starting in chapter 4 through the last chapter I changed to third party writing. It just made it more realistic for me to write from the outside looking in so I made the change. When I came back now to edit, I had to change all of the “I and Me” to “he”. Which made it also necessary to change verb conjugations and some sentence structure too.

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