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Pepe Gondolas

We’ve gone by this place a few times and see the Pizzeria signage. We have found that of all the food in Almunecar we have only found one pizzeria we love, so far. Today we stopped by for a quick beer and tapas, but promise to return for a pizza soon.

Ceviche at Pepe Gondolas
Ceviche Tapas

The beer is Alhambra, and we especially enjoy the Alhambra Special. When it’s from the tap it’s best, but even from the bottle it’s a top beer in this region. We received a friendly welcome from the waiter and he brought us two generous pours. The tapas was a ceviche with a raw salted sardine, onlions, tomatoes and avocado on a thick piece of bread.

Daily Menu 10 Euros

The daily menu offers a generous serving at a fantastic price. We will be back to enjoy this pizzeria for a mid day meal. Sorry for the short review, updates are coming.

Overall this was a good experience and great location for a quick drink and a rest.

Where to find it.
Time warp before
Time warp after

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Los Potros

Hi Mark and Kim,

I went out late this morning on a Geocaching treasure hunt. This time I was in search of the Lazy Bug Hotel. You look at the map and see the treasure is just 0.6 kilometers from the apartment, but that’s measured by the crow ‘s flight. In reality this was not going to be a simple 10 minute journey.

Top of the hill view of the Mediterranean
Top of the hill view of the Mediterranean

Right behind the apartment there’s a rather steep hill. My apartment is at sea level and the top of the hill is likely 600 meters. The Lazy Bug Hotel is on the other side of the hill. The roads that traverse up and down the hill are steep. I made it over the hill and to the treasure in just 2.25 kilometers. It was a lot of work getting over the hill and the steep climb wasn’t made any easier by the high humidity this morning. I was soaked.

At Los Potros Cafeteria

The best part of this treasure hunt wasn’t finding the treasure. It was finding another way into the city. After crossing over the hill and getting to the other side I’m less than 100 meters away from town. So, I went to the barrio and made my way over to Los Potros for a beer and tapas.

Plaza de Constitucion

Glass of beer at Los Potros

This bar and restaurant is in a lovely plaza and is right across from Almunecar’s town hall. The prices are average and the beer is Cruzcampo. I’ve been here once before in August. I had stopped in for a few drinks before going to a concert and I was amazed at the tapas.

Today was just as good as my previous experience. The flavor of the tortilla they served was delicious. I can tell the cook really knows how to bring the best out of the ingredients and the pride is evident too.

Los Potros tapas.

One beer and one tapas was all I had time for today. The experience filled my thoughts as I made the walk back to the apartment. See below for the GPS coordinance and the gravity!

Farewell for now,


How to get there

Are we living longer

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La Jarana

Hey guys,

On our way this morning to the Friday market to pick up some sweet paprika and fresh saffron, and we’re hungry. Yesterday we fasted. We had toast and tomato with a coffee for breakfast and then had green tea and darjeeling tea the rest of the day. We walked the two and a half kilometers into town, stopped at the bank to get some cash for the market and now it’s time to break the fast.

Most of the time when we are in town early enough for breakfast we will go to La Italiana. It’s our favorite coffee, toast, cheese, ham, etc. Today we decided to head the opposite direction from the bank to check out La Jarana. I’m not hungry, surprised. But still, it’s more than 24 hours since we’ve eaten.

La Jarana Restaurante

Was it good?

It wasn’t too bad, but…

cafe con leche y tostas

Well, the waiter comes over and says, “hola.” He’s probably late 20’s and he hasn’t much time as his body language is trying express to me. I’m trying to speak in Spanish whenever I get the chance and even though I speak in what likely seems to the people from Spain to be a snail’s pace, I’m saying it my way. “Quierimos cafe con leche. Dos, por favor. Y tosta. Tosta media?” I asked him. He nods affirmatively. I continue, “vale. Por mi, marmalade y mantequilla. Para mi esposa, tambien tosta, media, pero con tomate. por favor.” He repeats the order back to me and I am so happy because I spoke well enough for him to get what I was saying.

The coffee was a bit on the mellow side. For us this gets a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. The toast was well toasted, warm when it came to the table, and fresh, but it wasn’t a whole grain delicious bread that is found in most good restaurants throughout Spain. The tomato puree was also a 6 on our 1 to 10 scale as it was just ok. The tomato didn’t have the garlic and dash of olive oil that could have set it apart.

The final straw was the price. He charged us five euros. Normally when we have this same meal in Velilla we pay 4.40 euros. And at several other restaurants in town we generally pay 4 to 4.40. Too expensive at La Jarana!

How to get there

Here’s some more fun for my science friends! In this restaurant review, I’m going to share both the GPS coordinates for the science and engineer minds as well as the street map. I’ve used the GEO Coordinates as provided by Rayo Innovations.

La Jarana GPS Location
Save Location App by Rayo Innovations

Map Location from Rayo Innovations App

Prolonged Life

Time Warper App Before

According to Einstein and his laws of space-time, the closer to the center of gravity we are, the slower time moves and the faster we move, the slower time moves. There’s an APP for the calculation. The space-time continuum calculation is not too difficult but let’s let the app do the calculation. Look for the letter I wrote about living longer by enjoying alcohol at the right place and time! At Al Jarana you are aging faster by the rate of .05 picoseconds every 3 minutes. This is slightly more than average for Almunecar.

Time Warper App - After

That’s all there is to say about La Jarana in Almunecar.

All my Love,


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