Survey The World Twice Each Day

Moonrise over Salobrena
Moonrise over Salobrena

While Sakyamuni Buddha was alive he would meditate on the world every morning and again each evening. Using supernatural powers only available to the arhats, he would survey for where effort was needed. The Dhammapada is filled with dozens of short stories about the adventures of the munks, elders, and lay people as observed by the Tathagata. I’m reminded of those teachings everyday as I check the daily statistics for the war on the Chinese Plague. One of my favorite sites for surveying data shows the daily counts for the number of people infected; how many recovered, how many are severe, how many are dead. The data is updated twice each day and by each country. Like the Buddha surveying the world twice each day I check the data for Spain, India, Canada, Sweden, China, and United States. I have family and friends in all these places and I visit each of them twice each day. Anxiously I wait for the day, as I’m certain each of them does too,  when I can walk out of my apartment and begin to enjoy living in Spain once again. Selfishly, I wonder why the WHO got this so wrong, and how easily destroyed what little peace we peasants had left. We have enjoyed a system of consumerism and with the exceptions of the United Kingdom and it’s Pseudo autonomous country, the United States, we had a strong middle class system of life. The Chinese have destroyed so much. They have killed hundreds of thousands of people across the entire world without firing a single shot, not dropping a single bomb. They’ve stopped the world from turning without destroying any infrastructure. Their much beloved general from the 5th century wrote China’s war strategies in the treaties known as “The Art of War”, by Sun Tzu. Among the instructions for methods to destroy the enemy is a strategy to win their country without destroying the infrastructure. Sun explains it is best for the empire to take the enemies with their factories, roads, farmland, etc. intact so the proceeds and products from the production can immediately provide benefit to the empire. 

Survey the world twice each day.
Darkest night in Spain

Most of the world’s inhabitants are feeling the strain of the disruption to their life and trying to stay positive expecting one day soon for life to be back to normal. I fear it won’t return and that we are coming closer to a point of regime change. The UK’s branch of government managed by Trump has gone a step too far in poking the bear with the tariff stick. While you won’t find a lot of mainstream media accusing the British Empire of interfering in US elections, you may understand how ironic the UK sudden move to become nationalistic coincides with US sudden drive to become nationalistic. Nationalists policies cannot win. Despite this seemingly overwhelming stress of cold war tactics, if you can consider germ warfare a cold war tactic the power of a unified consciousness has always prevailed and will in this case prevail again. Not the same as we had from 1934 to 2019, but tyrants and the wealthy will fail as they always have.

Have you ever played the game of Monopoly? Most everyone around the world has some knowledge of the game. Though not everyone has the patience to have played to the end of the game, there are lessons to learn for us all. There are several research experiments that have studied people’s performance using games such as Monopoly. The results will vary from experiment to experiment but the bottom line from each is the same. The basis of the results is that people perform better and with greater success when they work together than when they work as individuals. Not only do each of us play monopoly differently as an individual than we do when we play as part of a team, but when we are part of a team competing with other teams the games often become a balance of power and a unified whole rather than producing a single victor. Think bye bye nazi, bye bye women power, white power, black power, china power, and hello humanity first for All.

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