Sea Glass – The Pass of Time

Collecting Sea Glass – The Pass of Time

After five months of retirement Mark and I have settled into a nice weekly routine.  We have days of the week that we do walks, hikes, yoga, grocery shopping, flea market, reading, writing, and of course a few rest days in between.  We both love to cook and have taken on new recipes and enjoy baking and cooking at home most days. We have found our home cooking is by far much better than any food we can get in a restaurant.   Travel is also very much a passion for us and we also have had the pleasure to travel to Madrid and also explored the town beside us called La Herradura. 

So far I have not had the concern of being bored having every single day to do exactly what I want to do.  I know many folks often are worried to retire thinking they may be bored or lonely day to day. Every person is different but I can say for myself, so far I have no complaints outside of sometimes missing being able to see my children in person whenever I want.  WhatsApp calls, instant messaging and video chats have helped with that. The world is much easier to stay in touch these days with the technology we have at our fingertips.  

One Wednesday morning Mark and I were doing our regular weekly hike over the hills of Parque de Mediterraneo to the various beaches on the route.  We wandered onto the beach of Playa Curumbico and walked along the water’s edge. Mark was taking some pictures and then handed me a piece of green round rough edged glass.  I recognized it right way as a piece of Sea Glass. It brought back memories watching the movie “Spanglish”. In the movie Adam Sandler proposes a challenge the children to collect a bucket of sea glass and he would pay them for it.  Sea glass is broken glass that has been tossed around in the ocean and comes up as frosted coloured gems.

When we got home Mark sent me a beautiful photo of ocean stones and the brightly coloured green stone amongst the rocks.  I decided I am going to start collecting. After about a month I barely have a handful of the stones. Upon reading online about sea glass it appears that it is widely sought after and people are now making jewelry and other craft items out of the stones.  It seems that green is the most common, red and black are more rare. I now have a challenge for myself to search for that elusive black or red stone. It’s a fun pass time when we wander on the beach and also gives me a reason to focus and be mindful searching for that perfect stone.  I have decided I am going to collect enough to fill a whisky bottle for decoration, and who knows someday I might even take up making sea glass into jewelry pieces.

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