Pepe Gondolas

We’ve gone by this place a few times and see the Pizzeria signage. We have found that of all the food in Almunecar we have only found one pizzeria we love, so far. Today we stopped by for a quick beer and tapas, but promise to return for a pizza soon.

Ceviche at Pepe Gondolas
Ceviche Tapas

The beer is Alhambra, and we especially enjoy the Alhambra Special. When it’s from the tap it’s best, but even from the bottle it’s a top beer in this region. We received a friendly welcome from the waiter and he brought us two generous pours. The tapas was a ceviche with a raw salted sardine, onlions, tomatoes and avocado on a thick piece of bread.

Daily Menu 10 Euros

The daily menu offers a generous serving at a fantastic price. We will be back to enjoy this pizzeria for a mid day meal. Sorry for the short review, updates are coming.

Overall this was a good experience and great location for a quick drink and a rest.

Where to find it.
Time warp before
Time warp after
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