Spring Sunday

My spring Sunday post will be short and likely more boring than usual. The morning started early, around 7:15 AM. I realize that a week from now the clocks all change. I’ll be getting up an hour later for awhile. The usual arguments of time-changes twice each year can be inserted here.

My wife and I went for a midmorning walk. Off we went to the Sunday street market on the south end of the city. It’s about three, maybe three and a half kilometers from our apartment. The sun was in full bloom in the deep blue sky. A welcome sight following yesterday’s blustery sky and sometimes driving rainstorms. The sea was still wild with crashing waves though they were only a fraction of yesterday’s thundering froth-filled torrents. We strolled for a bit and as my bum leg warmed up we were able to quicken our pace. Soon enough we reached the open market.

Most of the vendors are offering clothes and a few are displaying nics. My wife found a very fun pair of Mickey Mouse pattern pants. They look great on her and show off her shape as very flattering. She’s a sharp-looking woman besides. For me, I didn’t really find anything that caught my eyes. I could use a few new shirts, but none from today’s market would suffice. The market is a simple three blocks with vendors on either side of the otherwise one-way avenue. Police vehicles block each end of the avenue and a team of four officers stroll very casually from one end to the other.

After making our way from one end to the other we left the market but continued our walk further into the city. As we have only lived here for three weeks we have a lot to discover. We found the city library and the bull-fight rink too. Then we discovered a few Italian restaurants we’ll have to try for a meal. So far we haven’t yet discovered the best pizza in town yet. After a forty-five-minute walk through the city, we found our way back to the sea and the promenade. It was past 1 PM and we agreed to sit in one of the many taverns that line the promenade to enjoy a brandy and coffee.

A Coffee and Brandy for Spring Sunday

The spring Sunday breeze was refreshing. Not really cold and certainly not a warm breeze. It was as I found it, crisp. I wore my usual shorts and T-shirt and we took a table and chairs on the promenade to take full advantage of the sun and cool spring air. The brandy was divine and the coffee was somewhat ordinary. It was probably drip coffee with frothed milk where traditionally the restaurants serve espresso with frothed milk. A street vendor approached us at a regular pace. One about every eight minutes.

One of the street vendors, a tall man of about six and a half feet, offered football jerseys knockoffs. Back home they would say these were soccer jerseys. I’ve been wanting a local professional football team jersey and I asked if he had one in my, very large, size. He set his oversized backpack on the sidewalk just next to my chair and opened every zipper. He knelt there working his way through his portable store’s inventory when I saw him pull out a Messi jersey. Messi isn’t a player for the local team, but he is one world-class football player. He eventually found a Malaga Emirates jersey in an XL. He told me he was originally from Egypt. A small island off the mainland to be precise. I purchased the two jerseys, Barcelona (Messi) and Malaga.

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