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I went out late this morning on a Geocaching treasure hunt. This time I was in search of the Lazy Bug Hotel. You look at the map and see the treasure is just 0.6 kilometers from the apartment, but that’s measured by the crow ‘s flight. In reality this was not going to be a simple 10 minute journey.

Top of the hill view of the Mediterranean
Top of the hill view of the Mediterranean

Right behind the apartment there’s a rather steep hill. My apartment is at sea level and the top of the hill is likely 600 meters. The Lazy Bug Hotel is on the other side of the hill. The roads that traverse up and down the hill are steep. I made it over the hill and to the treasure in just 2.25 kilometers. It was a lot of work getting over the hill and the steep climb wasn’t made any easier by the high humidity this morning. I was soaked.

At Los Potros Cafeteria

The best part of this treasure hunt wasn’t finding the treasure. It was finding another way into the city. After crossing over the hill and getting to the other side I’m less than 100 meters away from town. So, I went to the barrio and made my way over to Los Potros for a beer and tapas.

Plaza de Constitucion

Glass of beer at Los Potros

This bar and restaurant is in a lovely plaza and is right across from Almunecar’s town hall. The prices are average and the beer is Cruzcampo. I’ve been here once before in August. I had stopped in for a few drinks before going to a concert and I was amazed at the tapas.

Today was just as good as my previous experience. The flavor of the tortilla they served was delicious. I can tell the cook really knows how to bring the best out of the ingredients and the pride is evident too.

Los Potros tapas.

One beer and one tapas was all I had time for today. The experience filled my thoughts as I made the walk back to the apartment. See below for the GPS coordinance and the gravity!

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