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Dear Mark and Kim,

Most of my adult life I was diligent to stay conditioned and healthy. While my ambition for conditioning was probably stronger than my efforts to remain healthy. Let me explain what I mean. I ran. I loved to run so much that I would complete two marathons a month, on average. Everyday I ran 8 to 15 miles depending on time and schedule. As I got into my forties, the ability to keep this pace up became more difficult.

My endurance and recovery weakened and by the time I was 45 my marathon days were done. I found myself running just 3 to 5 miles a day and just 3 or 4 days a week. All the while over the years of running I loved to eat cake, ice cream, bagels, and rich foods. Since I ran the calories didn’t matter. However, once the running slowed down the calories began to show up in extra weight.

By the time I was fifty, the weight gain was more accelerated. Over the next ten years, from age 50 to 60, life was a constant struggle to stay in condition and diet. At one point, I pushed myself to 90 pounds above my target weight. My blood pressure was so high that my dentist sent me to the emergency room after taking my blood pressure prior to a routine cleaning and checkup appointment. I had early signs of drop-foot and would frequently trip and fall when walking for more than 5 to 10 minutes.

Maybe it was me

I suppose you could argue that I had caused nerve damage by running too many marathons for too many years. The neuropathy that was causing the drop-foot may have been the cause but my money was on the excess weight gain. High blood pressure and poor circulation including pinched nerves are caused by the lack of self control when eating. When you hit forty years of age the metabolic rate slows way down, and after fifty years it is even slower. At this age, I swear you can gain weight just from sleeping. Don’t give up, life is that sort of challenge where you only lose when you give up and surrender. Today I am down 64 pounds and the last 26 pounds will be gone in three months. I owe it all to “Lose It.”

Totally Losing It

adding food intake in the lose it app
Lose the fat with Lose It

The freemium app is simple to use. It’s a lot more than just a calorie counter too. You can add your own recipe information or use the thousands of calorie and nutritional foods and meals included in the app. You start out with your age, gender, and weight. Then you pick a target weight and time frame. The app will calculate your total daily calories and provide you with target calories for each meal and for snacks. Each time you eat, you’ll enter the food you consumed and the calories are added to your day. There is nothing easier than calorie counting to help you lose weight. 

Calorie counting helps, but…

Tracking calories by day and week

Of course no diet or calorie counting alone can help you get the fat off. You have to exercise too. With the lose-it app you’ll find a few hundred different exercises already included in the app. Choose the exercise you’ve completed and enter how long you worked out. The app will add the workout burned calories into the daily calorie count. I love this part so much. Because, if I want to have a beer later this evening, I can calculate how much time I need to spend in my workout to afford the extra snack.

One last effort, in addition to counting the calories and daily exercise, you must include fasting into your routine. I take two days a week with no food consumption. Sunday after the last meal, at around 20:00, until Tuesday morning, at around 9:00 I consume coffee, tea, and water (no sugar) only. On Thursday I have  two pieces of toast with 4 slices of tomato at 9:00. After that, it’s coffee, tea, and water (no sugar) until 9:00 on Friday.

Compare progress from week to week

Don’t forget that mowing the grass, mopping the floors, cleaning the garage, and shoveling the snow (I haven’t seen snow in 21 years) are all exercise — calorie burners. Lose-it has these already installed and ready for you to use. All you do is choose the chore and enter the time. 

Your Recipes Too

I have a lot of my own recipes and I use another App for calculating nutritional information for recipes which I will cover another time. However, if you know your nutritional information for the meals you prepare, you can enter these all in the lose-it app. This fairly important data for tracking the daily and weekly results of your lifestyle eating. You can track the amount of fats, carbs, and proteins in your diet by the day, and week. 

The app will work to help you stay focused. All you have to do is make the first step to changing the way you live, and just never give up.

Keep on losing it,


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