Fuengirola in March

The weather in Fuengirola in March has been good for a few weeks now and the cherry trees are in bloom. It is a good time for a day in the park. Spring is in the air. My wife and I will take a short trip to Paloma Park in the neighboring city of Benalmadena. Some pictures of the day to follow.

According to the rumors, Junata de Andalucia will announce the municipality will upgrade to level 2 from level 3 either today or tomorrow. This is great news for the restaurants and bars. Instead of having to close at 6PM they will stay open to 10:30 PM. The curfew will move from 10PM to 11PM. More time to enjoy the city and the people.

On Wednesday the 17th, the Andalucia government approved the use of stadiums as vaccination sites. They are hoping this will help them achieve 500,000 injections a month. It’s still very unclear how the government is going to reach all of us foreigners with residency. We’re on private insurance and not on the Spain healthcare system. Maybe they will announce something soon for us.

Fuengirola March Fuengirola on March 18
Fuengirola March. A day in the park.

Fuengirola has a few healthcare facilities and I should visit one soon. Maybe they can tell me more about how to get myself registered for the vaccine. My Spanish speaking and listening may be good enough to comprehend what they say. No harm in trying.

Time to go. The bus is likely to arrive soon. Fuengirola March. A day in the park. Though, I’m not sure I reached my 500 words of writing in this short post. There might be cause to update this later when I add the pictures of Fuengirola March, a day in the park.

After returning home I did add the photos from our day in the park. On the return home we stopped by one of our favorite bars, Plank Steak, for lunch. My wife asked the waitress if she had heard anything about extending the open hours for restaurants to 10:30. The waitress said she did hear that Malaga city was staying open but nothing for Fuengirolathis March. She thought perhaps after the jesus day, easter, maybe the hours would open up.

Beers in Fuengirola

We ate our fish and chips and had a pint of beer. Just before we left, the waitress came over to our table to let us know she had heard some good news. Apparently, the Andalucia Government is going to extend the hours for bars and restaurants. Starting on March 19. Fuengirola, March is getting better every day!

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