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Technical report writing was the only type of writing I used during the early years of my career. After completing an undergraduate degree in aeronautical engineering my first job was at an aircraft manufacturing corporation. The presentations I prepared and reports that I wrote were filled with science, math, fact, test results, proofs, and truth. The hard sciences do not provide nor require the author to express a personality and emotions. A few years later my career took me into a different roll where communication required more human interaction. Shortly after completing my graduate degree in mathematics, my work was more educational focussed. I was leading the supplier development team at a large automobile manufacturing corporation. Though the core focus of effort still required engineering and mathematics, the face to face communication and correspondence with the company’s suppliers required me to learn people skills. The last twenty-five years of my career I worked in the advertising industry. I was surrounded by very creative coworkers with degrees in the arts. Their backgrounds and interests were very different than mine and it helped me to learn how to more comfortably move from my right brain to my left brain. I was in senior and executive leadership roles in advertising agencies creating and developing cutting edge techniques for using analytics and data management in advertising. The research, reports, and presentations required very creative style while at the same time they had to convey the scientific truths and proofs. Today, after retiring from a 42 year career, I’m writing for my own personal blog. Most of the topics featured on my blog are familiar to me. Those topics are a mix of using technology to help make retirement more fun and enjoyable and staying focused on people using the technology not the technology itself. The section I call, “The Balance”, is where I will focus my personal buddhist based philosophy points of view.

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