Oh the tapas!

White fish tapas
White fish, slaw and beer

One of the favorite topics when people think about visiting Spain is topas. These delectable small plates provided by nearly every restaurant and bar can be amazingly good. And, they are free when you order an alcoholic drink. We enjoy bar hopping just for the topas experience and also for the chance to get a taste of the community too. Kimber and I have a pallet for almost any kind of food and all levels of spice. However, we are often considered to be food snobs. We like all kinds of food, but we only enjoy good food. A simple tapas plate of potato chips isn’t going to rank very high on our scale of good-tapas, but we frequently sample tapas and wish they had served a plate of chips instead.

A half cooked sardine, an over cooked piece of pork, or  three day old bread, etc. won’t be getting a good review from us. Yes, you are correct, the food is free and maybe we shouldn’t be so picky. Tapas is the dish Spain enjoys being known for so it has to be the best. In this section we want to help you and the restaurant/bar owners know where to find the good and where to avoid the bad. Also, we are paying for the experience and providing the business with business. That is to say; it’s my money and if I’m going to spend it I want the best possible experience for every euro we give.

What this section includes

In this section of our website we will take pictures of the restaurant and the various drinks and tapas. I’ll also add in the geo-coordinates for all of you who use technology for adventure in using satellite technology and tracking apps to locate places to visit. Of course, we will provide our critiquing for the establishment.

Breakfast toast with tomato puree
Breakfast toast with tomato puree.

We are very appreciative of the peace and quiet Spain restaurants provide. There is not any music playing overhead, nor television news or sports blaring across the entire bar. Instead, we find the only sounds are the family conversations, the waves from the sea, and the occasional car-horn. On occasion we do find a bar broadcasting a football game on the television. In these rare instances the volume is usually off or set very low. Calm, serenity, and peaceful. Wonderful!

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