Hey, Mark,

Hope your summer has been amazing. It’s nearly autumn and once again the days have been running past and I have neglected to write. I’m trying to change my communications, especially with family. Over the past 40 or more years I always sort of thought if someone was my friend or cared about me they would take time to communicate. Well, that generally meant I had no family and I had very few friends. If, on the other hand, family was important to me, and friendship was the best thing ever experienced, it is my effort to make. Simple, Confucia like logic. So, my dear friend, you are destined to hear from me, like it or not. But, there is the delete key right there at the tip of a mouse stroke!

Mar Bertrand
Mark Bertrand

There was a time when communication was even more difficult than what we have at our disposal today. Today, there is no excuse for not communicating. We have cell phones with direct messaging, cell phone apps like “Whats App” that are free to use and works across the planet and even on the space station and the moon. We have social websites like Facebook and Instagram that require less time to say hi to your friends and family than it takes to fluff a pillow and pull the spread up over the mattress. In fact, we could say the only reason not to communicate is when you truly don’t want to talk to those people. Even then, it’s a simple mouse click to remove the individuals that you least care for. 

Mark and Kimberly Bertrand
Mark and Kimber

I’ve decided to enjoy my retirement and use one of the few talents I have to entertain myself. You probably had no idea that I have a website, but I do. For the last 18 years I’ve owned a .com and have used the website to share my mathematics, statistical methods, and technical strategies with the world. While most of the time the website was fairly technical there were a few menu selections where I shared the photos from my home renovation projects and vacations. Now that I’ve retired the website has become a project to keep me thinking and writing. While there are a few hundred thousand retirees with websites blogs, I figure what’s one more? Perhaps I can add a menu selection for “Letters from Sarva.” It’s yet another form of communicating. This is getting to be a plague, this communication thing! Good grief. I make me laugh.

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