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There’s a lot of good that comes from participating in conversations on social media. While Twitter is fun, I still prefer Facebook. Maybe because I have all of my family and friends on Facebook but just a few on Twitter. For example, the good conversation I had one day with a friend’s friend (FF) went something like this.
Me → I’ve never voted for a Republican and never will.
FF → You’re an idiot just voting for anyone simply because they are a  democrat. Any criminal, sleeaze is good for you as long as they’re democrat! You’re an idiot. 

Joe Biden President of the United States
Joe Biden, President of the United States

This short conversation got no reply from me because I had to think about the best way to answer. On Twitter you cannot give a long reply because the program only allows 140 characters and the page is fluid with conversations making multiple entries impossible; since by the time you’ve completed your reply the conversation has already moved on. This leaves your comments disconnected and sort of lame. With Facebook, I can reply directly to an individual and engage in long paragraphs in a back-and-forth dialogue. Even though you can type a book-long reply on Facebook, there is little chance anyone has time to read more than a few sentences. So, and in this case, I wanted to reply well. Instead of a reply, I found thinking about my reasoning behind my voting strategy sent me on a long self examination of this decision I had made many years before.

Most people I know in the United States have a favorite football team, baseball team, or basketball team. Many have a favorite in all three sports and more besides these. A lot of people have a religion that they proudly claim to be part of or to be a member of. They’ll even self describe as — I’m a catholic, I’m a member of the Muslim community, I’m a scientologist, etc. A lot of people will also tell you they are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, etc. In all my life though I’ve never heard anyone say something like, well this week I’m a Minnesota Viking because they just traded for quarterback Joe Hooever and I love me some Joe Hooever. I’ve also never heard anyone say something like, I really like to listen to Guru Punipundar so this week I’m a Hindu. Fowling this weeks switch from jesus to hindu they remove all the images of Christ and human sacrifice from the walls of their home and hang in their place images of 100 arm people and elephant head people. A month later the same person decides they are Muslim because they saw a movie about the 1972 Olympics.

Elephants saluting the Buddhas
Elephants salute the Buddhas

Politicians are different from popular sports, religions, movies, and television. Politicians should not be football stars, they aren’t movie stars, and they absolutely are not religious leaders. They are an action or a tool for the principals of a political ideology. What I look for in the ideology of politics, government, sports, religion, whatever, I want to see the foundation of people first, prosperity for everyone, enjoyment and equality for everyone. Neither Democrats nor Republicans or even Libertarians are that political party. That is because capitalism isn’t about people, it’s about greed. For me, Anarchism is the one best government system for the prosperity of all people and since there isn’t an Anarchist party in the United States the Democratic ideology is far closer to human values than Republican ideology but not as close as Socialism. As a living and breathing objectivist, I cannot vote for any other political ideology in the U.S.A. than Democrat.

Objectivism and Anarchism are they the same thing?
The Anarchist

Too long for a Facebook post. People would be better off to read wikipedia to get a base of knowledge for their political choices rather than watch celebrity apprentice on the television or want to be like –what’s her-name–Hilton because she’s so amazing. I’m very much tainted in my philosophical views because of the same social process of living on this planet. Just like everyone else. You know, I’m a product of my generation. I was raised by a stepfather who had no love for me and my sister. He hated people and boldly professed with fist on the dinner table that he hated everyone. He beat me every day without exception, with a strap for three straight years. My mother isolated herself in her bedroom and only appeared when it was time to make a meal or get us off to school. There was no family values, affection, or togetherness. The daily beatings ended when we moved to a larger house and I could, like my mother, stay out of sight. She seemed distraught when I ran from home at age sixteen, and I shaped my life to never be like her and certainly to be nothing like him.

The Final Count (all ballots)

When you look at the map of the United States as the media produces it at election time you can see the states, and all of the counties in those states. The media adopts a method of using red to color in counties where a majority of people vote for the Republican ideology and blue for those counties where a majority of people vote for the Democratic ideology. I find it telling the true story of the ideology’s — People First Focus– by the color of isolation. What I mean is, when you look at the larger metropolitan counties these areas are mostly blue: Democratic. The people tend to enjoy being with lots of other people and facing the challenges of life together with many other people is preferable. Likewise, the rural areas where people can live more isolated and far away from any other people are usually red, Republicans. Religion colored maps follow much the same suit. The fewer the people in an area the less likely you are to find a diversification of beliefs. 

Benalmadena Marina
Benalmadena, Spain Marina

My mother and stepfather (deceased) who hate people and have acceptance for only one religion live in one of the red, isolated, counties. I naturally moved and lived in the largest cities and have spent most of my life learning about all ideologies for government, religion, humanitarianism, science, technology, and most of all I am on a quest for knowledge. Ever the objectivist, me.

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