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It’s human nature to want to share. Especially when there is something good happening in your life. The popularity of social networks is made successful because of this natural instinct and desire to entertain, to better define ourselves, to stay connected, and to help humanity. This website is all of the above for us. We hope you find it a joy to your day and for your life.

Top Menu Overview

BLOG: Our blog is where we will post random stories and events from time to time.

SPAIN: The Spain page is where we share some of the best places to eat, party, visit, and be amazed by. Can you use a GPS tracker? No Google Maps allowed here.

COOLTECH:CoolTech is a fun page where we get into some of the most beneficial apps, exciting technology, and how we use technology to live better.

BALANCED:The Balanced pages are where we share our recipes for living in balance. Staying healthy in retirement is a lot different than when we were working and younger. More challenging in many ways, but we think we are on the path to making it more rewarding too.

PHOTO ALBUMS: Finally, the photo albums. Here we’ll feature all of the pictures and images that didn’t make it to the blog. 

About: About page will go into why we are living in Spain, how we got here, what retirement decisions we faced, and how we are keeping it together.

The image at the top of the website is the sunrise taken in August 2019. Looking east from Almunecar over the Alboran Sea towards the city of Motril. We enjoy our view of the sea and the beginning of each day we celebrate with the sunrise. Metaphorically, we consider retirement as the beginning of our life. The only thing that has come to an end is the life of being corporate slaves. We’ve retired our capitalists lives and began our lives of freedom.

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