Paid Search Strategy

Paid Search Strategy

Often called PPC as the acronym pf pay-per-click, the paid search strategy provides very targeted segmentation capability and a high degree of campaign sophistication. With text ads, banner ads, video ads, retargeting, content network (display) and product image ads, etc. and a variety of elements and parameters that can literally take over page one of the search results pages for select keywords. The high degree of intricate and unlimited variables requires a well-trained PPC engineer to manage the campaign(s) and an experienced analyst to interpret the data and provide insights.

PPC can produce a lot of clicks in a very short period of time. However, conversion performance optimization can take a long time to produce predictable profitability. This channel is excellent

paid search strategy

paid search strategy boost traffic

when developing new campaign messaging, pricing products and services, and both business-to-business and consumer market experiments prior to implementing

more expensive print and broadcast advertisements. Often this search engine marketing (SEM) channel can be very competitive which drives the cost-per-click rate up for the most productive keywords. Remaining competitive and controlling costs in these cases requires an engineered balance of relevant landing page content + keyword + call-to-action + domain and page authority.

SEO efforts should be designed to replace the need for high cost Paid Search with top organic ranking for the most profitable keywords.

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