Organic Search Strategy

Organic Search Strategy

This channel strategy delivers the second highest return on investment of all the digital channels. Second only to email. However, an organic search strategy often requires a long period of time and a consistent production of rich, relevant content to achieve desired results.

The search engines and many online directories use a combination of crawlers, bots, and spiders (computer programs that independently measure and evaluate links and content) to score websites and webpages. The scoring identifies the relevancy of the website and web page to a user’s search inquiry.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a mixture of cutting-edge skills that are methodically used to obtain top ranking in search results for the most profitable keywords. The skills include content creation, copy writing, back-linking and link popularity, proficiency in html and java coding, and website taxonomy design expertise. Once a top position is achieved

organic search strategy

Organic search strategy mixture

it is difficult for the competition to take the position over. At its best, SEO efforts should be designed to replace the need for high cost Paid Search for the most profitable keywords.

Often the key to obtaining top organic search strategy results is a step-by-step method:

1) Identify the most desired/profitable keywords.
2) Create content and taxonomy that are relevant to the keywords.
3) Develop page design, elements, and parameters that are precise for the niche and vertical.
4) Continually experiment, add new content, develop high quality in-bound links, develop faster and robust pages.
5) Coordinate all advertising to be relevant to the desired keywords and content including social networks profiles.
6) Every banner, search text ad, inbound link, campaign content has a measured effect on rankings.

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