Mark Bertrand MS, MBA

Mark Bertrand

Mark Bertrand

I love analytics; if it’s done correctly it provides an opportunity to transform the agency-client relationship. The agency which uses analytics can provide client businesses success and tremendous growth. The typically agency is focused on making profits by providing minimal optimized advertising and marketing services in an effort to maximize agency profits. This causes a dichotomy between agency and client advertising objectives. Analytics provides the core of the optimization demand, and transforms the dichotomy into a cohesive partnering objective. This is accomplished through adopting an insights focused strategy which builds agency profits through long-term client relationships. With an insights focused strategy the agency builds client success and high profits. The Insights-strategy provides websites and online plus offline advertising that is optimized for high yield conversions.

Client’s businesses grow through my direct efforts which then allow them to provide their employees with great pay and benefits. Further more, the business success provides the stakeholders, owner, and employees alike with a secure business that competes at the top of their industry. What’s not to love about that? Due to my extensive experience I have developed digital analysis techniques that transform data into actionable insights. The demand for digital analytics is universal which therefore has allowed me to have worked with many types of businesses. Businesses from manufacturing to healthcare, also ecommerce and services, and from local HVAC to nationwide agencies and much as everything in between. Through my career experiences I’ve consequently defined the leadership and structure that provide precise measurement strategy, implementation protocol, data integrity and governance, and therefore providing profitable results.


In addition to years of  experience while providing statistical services, Mark Bertrand has also acquired an extensive formal education.
  • An undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.
  • A Master’s of Science in Mathematics with Statistics from Boston University.
  • An MBA from California State University, San Marcos.
In Conclusion, Mark has been working exclusively in digital advertising since 1999 including web site taxonomy, search engine marketing with organic and paid placement, display advertising, social networks, landing page optimization, and mobile technology. These services are provided to small, large, and enterprise business. Another of the key to his sucees results from prior to 1999  experience when Mark worked in quality assurance and quality control developing complex mathematical modeling and techniques for companies such as:
  • Kyocera America
  • United Technology (Automotive and Sikorsky Aircraft)
  • Textron, Inc.

The views, published articles, and services provided through this website do not represent the businesses that I work for and provide consultancy services to.

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